Essenze Floreali Scritti

Crab Apple – La Mela selvatica

If you think something is not ok, if you feel bad in yourself, if you have some problems in life, Crab Apple fix it and release the tension that causes that problem, so… it’s an universal healer 🙂 you can always take it, it puts every physical, mental and spiritual trouble in it’s real state and heals them.
White-snow was locked in her house one morning and a old very ugly woman come to offer her an apple, White-snow took it and eat it and fall unconsciously, what that means Carlo in reality? Before she was afraid, she was afraid her mother in law could kill her for her beauty, she was split in two parts, the white and the black one, the ugly and the beauty one, the bad and the good one, everything in her was like that, she made that split, she chose to see beauty and so she had to see ugliness and at the end everything was terrible nice and terrible dangerous and what could she do if not close herself in the house? She eat Crab Apple and? and Crab Apple was not half poisoned, but her state of so illuminated consciousness fade away and she finally slept, she finally relax and let things go by there self, without seeing no more black and white with so deep cut between one and the other. All around though she was death, but was not so, she was in a new state, she was only relaxed and free, free to let her prince, (the Yang element) come to her and deeply kiss her and she was free to go with him for a new life, Yin and Yang now together for ever.

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